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Hier vindt u updates en mededelingen rondom het Coronavirus en uw bezoek aan onze kliniek.

Your privacy and cookies

Privacy statement

As soon as you become a patient of the Cardiologie Centra Nederland Foundation (CCN) we will start processing your data: personal data and medical data. Processing means that we will, for example, store your data, add to it, give it to your healthcare providers and, after some time, delete it again. We process your personal and medical data in your patient file.

Your data

In order to treat you properly, we need to collect data from you: your state of health, results of tests, diagnosis and treatment plan. This data is documented in a medical file. Apart from your medical data, we also need other personal data, such as your name, address and date of birth, your contact details and your Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Sharing your data

In some cases, we are required by law to share personal data with another party, such as when we claim the cost of your consultation from your health insurer. As a healthcare provider, we are also required by law to monitor our quality and contribute to the quality of healthcare in the Netherlands. To do so, we occasionally have to provide data to national registries. A list of these national registries can be found here. You can find a list of all our processing and submissions in our extensive privacy policy.

We will inform your GP or the doctor who referred you to CCN of our most significant findings if this is necessary for your treatment or health. We do not provide data unnecessarily.

Protecting your data

We do not process any more data than we need to be able to provide you with good healthcare. All healthcare providers and staff who are directly involved in your treatment have a statutory obligation of confidentiality and will not share your data with anyone else if there is no statutory or medical need to do so. We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data.

Patients’ rights

If we nonetheless consider it important to share your data with others without there being a statutory or medical need to do so, we will ask for your permission and you may decide whether or not you wish us to do so. You can of course always say no. This will have no consequences for your treatment. In urgent situations or emergencies, we may be forced to decide for you. Your health is always the most important consideration.

As a patient, you have the right to submit a request to see your data, correct it or have it removed. You can read how to do this in our privacy policy. This policy also contains more information about statutory and other retention periods.

Cookie statement

We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a small file that is sent with pages from this website [and/or Flash applications] and stored on your computer’s hard disk by your browser. The information stored on the cookie can be sent back to our servers the next time you visit.

Use of permanent cookies

Permanent cookies enable us to recognise you when you visit our website again. The website can then be specially adjusted to match your preferences. And if you have given permission for cookies to be placed, we can remember your preferences by means of a cookie. That means you will not have to repeat your preferences every time, thus saving you time and making your visit to our website more pleasant. You can delete permanent cookies in your browser settings.

Use of session cookies

Session cookies show us which parts of the website you have looked at during this visit. That helps us to match our services to visitors’ surfing behaviour as much as possible. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

Google Analytics

The American company, Google, places cookies through our website as part of its “Analytics” service. We use this service to keep track of and get reports on how visitors use our website. Google can provide third parties with this information if legally required to do so, or to the extent that third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We have given Google permission to use the analytics information obtained for other Google services.

The information Google collects is anonymised as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not sent. The information is transferred to Google which stores it on servers in the United States. Google has stated that it complies with the Safe Harbor principles and it has joined the US Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor Program. This implies that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Our website contains buttons to promote (“like”) or share (“tweet”) web pages on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work by means of pieces of code which come from Facebook or Twitter respectively. Cookies are placed by means of this code. We have no influence on this. Please read the privacy statements issued by Facebook or Twitter (which can change regularly) to find out what they do
with your personal and other data processed through these cookies.

The information they collect is anonymised as much as possible. The information is transferred to Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn which store it on servers in the United States. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google + have stated that they are committed to the Safe Harbor principles and have joined the US Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor Program. This implies that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Switching cookies on and off and deleting them

You can find more information about switching cookies on and off and deleting cookies in the instructions for your browser and/or under your browser’s Help function.

More information about this Web Policy can be obtained by sending an email to: kwaliteit@cardiologiecentra.nl