Updates n.a.v. Coronavirus
Hier vindt u updates en mededelingen rondom het Coronavirus en uw bezoek aan onze kliniek.

Who we are

CCN, or Cardiologie Centra Nederland, is a Dutch organisation comprising independent treatment clinics for cardiovascular diseases. Its unique feature is the way it perfectly tailors its outpatient care to the needs of the patient and the referring practitioner.

Quality, personal attention and minimal waiting time

CCN provides quality, personal attention and minimal waiting time. If you are referred to us by a GP, the healthcare provided is covered in full by all health insurers in the Netherlands. Patients can be seen at CCN within 48 hours, and in urgent cases, even the same day. Top cardiologists and specialists perform all the necessary tests the same day. After all the tests have been completed, the cardiologist will discuss the diagnosis with the patient and, where necessary, draw up a treatment plan. Patients immediately know where they stand.

We are one beat ahead

CCN is a public-private network organisation that offers excellent cardiology care. It is our aim to contribute to public well-being by providing the best care, making it quickly accessible and cheaper for everyone, and by continuously investing in healthcare innovation and improvements.

Tailoring care to needs

Two ambitious cardiologists set up Cardiologie Centra Nederland in 2006, driven by their desire to tailor outpatient care more effectively to the needs of patients and referring practitioners.

The start

We started with a center in Amsterdam. GPs were enthusiastic about our excellent cardiology care and soon referred thousands of patients with heart problems to our center. Fuelled by this enthusiasm, we fairly soon opened several small-scale centers in a variety of easily accessible locations.

Speed, quality and growth

Intensive cooperation with large hospitals and teaching hospitals means that patients waiting for heart operations, balloon angioplasty (PTCA)/irregular heartbeat treatments and pacemaker implantation can be seen quickly and competently. Outpatient treatment can then be continued at CCN.

Increasing numbers of ambitious colleagues with scientific and academic backgrounds have joined and continue to join Cardiologie Centra Nederland. As a result, there is cardiology expertise available in every area and the quality of healthcare and innovation is guaranteed.

The enthusiasm was not limited to patients and referring practitioners: health insurers also saw an opportunity to guarantee their clients excellent cardiology care and they now collaborate with us in health care innovation projects.


Cardiologie Centra Nederland continues to grow and work on its quality and service. As we do so, we always keep individual patients in mind, caring for them with a personal touch and seeking out and providing the best treatment for each individual.

Kind regards, on behalf of all our colleagues,

Aernout Somsen and Igor Tulevski, cardiologists/founders

Governing bodies

Cardiologie Centra Nederland is a foundation governed by a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board.

Board of Directors

Mr. B. Wilkes

dhr. M.P. Freericks

Supervisory Board

Mr. R. MacNack

Mr. J.S.A. de Kok

Mr. M. van der Sluis

Data Protection Officer

Ms. M.C.C. de Wildt
Phone. 030 – 30 70 330


Corporate social responsibility

In addition to our work in cardiology care, we also try to put the concept of corporate social responsibility into practice.

treeTo help the environment, our centers are virtually paperless.


A loving home for every child

CCN supports SOS Children’s Villages. The primary aim of SOS Children’s Villages in Macedonia is to provide homes and a better future for children who are orphans or lack parental care. Our support is partly made possible by donations from friends of CCN.

If you would like to support our activities with SOS Children’s Villages, please send an email asking for further information to: info@cardiologiecentra.nl.