Heart monitoring via an App

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How does it work?

HartWacht is telemonitoring for patients with treatment-resistant high blood pressure, heart failure and an abnormal heart rhythm.


Measuring using an app

You measure your blood pressure, weight, heart rate and/or heart rhythm at home. You simply send the measurements to Cardiologie Centra Nederland via an app.



Our HartWacht team, made up of experienced nurses and cardiologists, examines the measurements remotely and will contact you if they detect any abnormal measurements.



Our cardiologists are available 24/7. If necessary, you can contact a specialist immediately by phone or video contact.

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Everything you want to know about HartWacht

What is HartWacht

HartWacht (HeartWatch) is telemonitoring for patients of Cardiologie Centra Nederland. The cardiologists at Cardiologie Centra Nederland can monitor patients at home on the basis of measurements (weight, blood pressure, etc.) and questionnaires patients fill in at home.

How does HartWacht work?

Once your cardiologist has registered you for HartWacht, you are only a few steps away from starting to take measurements at home:

1. You will receive a personal invitation by email and a letter by post with instructions on how to download applications onto your smartphone or tablet.

2. The measuring equipment provided on loan will be delivered to your home address. The applications will ‘find’ the equipment and connect it up to your own smartphone or tablet.

3. You will be invited to take part in a phone call in which you can discuss the frequency of measuring and the feedback given by the HartWacht team.

Now you are ready to start measuring at home.

It is easy to send your measurements, such as your blood pressure, weight, heart rate or heart rhythm, by means of the App. Depending on the diagnosis for which you have been registered, the App will ask you to send your measurements at set times, according to our protocol. If you have any symptoms, you can also decide to send us your measurements without prompting. You can also answer questions about your current health/fitness by way of the App.

If you use HartWacht online, you can manually fill in and send the information the measuring equipment records.

If the measurements you send in are abnormal or if they exceed a limit set by your doctor (such as higher than expected blood pressure or an abnormal heart rhythm), our HartWacht team will contact you. Depending on your situation, the doctor may decide to adjust your medication or, if necessary, ask you to make an appointment for further tests.

Whenever you feel the need, you can have direct video contact with a cardiac nurse or cardiologist at CCN.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HartWacht?

HartWacht actually ensures that, wherever you are in the world, your cardiologist is ‘close by’. You are monitored remotely so that you and we know that everything is going well.

And if you feel unsure or you have doubts, you can contact a nurse or doctor who has access to your records through HartWacht. They can then decide, together with you, what the best plan of action is.

HartWacht is intended to enable better patient care, close to the patient and, where possible, to avoid hospital admissions.

I am a patient at CCN; can I register for HartWacht by myself?

Our cardiologists select the patients who will join HartWacht on the basis of their diagnosis: at present, we have programmes for patients with high blood pressure, heart failure and heart rhythm abnormalities.

HartWacht is not currently covered by all health insurers, but the ones who do are: Zilveren Kruis, DSW, VGZ, ONVZ and DFZ. Taking part therefore also depends on your health insurer.

Discuss the options with your cardiologist at your next appointment.

Why is HartWacht not covered by all health insurers?

HartWacht is covered by Zilveren Kruis, DSW, VGZ, ONVZ and DFZ. We are still negotiating with other health insurers about including it in their coverage. We hope that other health insurers (or all of them) will soon take this concept on board.

If you are not sure whether your insurance would cover it, please contact your health insurer. Unfortunately, we cannot provide certainty on this.

I am not a patient at CCN; can I register for HartWacht?

At the moment, HartWacht is exclusively for patients of Cardiologie Centra Nederland. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please ask your GP to be referred to Cardiologie Centra Nederland and one of our cardiologists will discuss the options with you. We will also keep your GP informed of the results of any tests.

Do I need to have a tablet and/or mobile phone to be able to use HartWacht?

Yes, you need to have a suitable tablet, mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection. Depending on your device, the options are as follows:

HartWacht with manual input (you enter your measurements manually into the system)

  • Apple iPhone4, iPod Touch 5 with iOS9 or higher
  • Android smartphones or tablets with a suitable web browser
  • Computers with a suitable browser

HartWacht with integrated input (after you have taken your measurements, your data will be sent automatically)

  • Apple iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer with iOS9 or higher

HartWacht video connection

  • Apple iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch 6 or newer with iOS9 or higher
  • Android from version 4.4

Windows is not yet available, but is expected after the summer.

Can I use HartWacht even if I don’t know how to use digital devices very well?

Unfortunately, to use HartWacht, it is essential that users know how to operate a smartphone, tablet or computer. However, HartWacht has been specially developed for the elderly and infirm and so it is very simple and intuitive to use.

Will I have to pay for HartWacht or will it come under my policy excess?

Please note: HartWacht is currently covered by Zilveren Kruis, DSW, VGZ, ONVZ and DFZ. Health insurers work with different labels and packages. Please ask your health insurer about your own situation.


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Benefits of HartWacht for:


Good for patients:

  • healthcare when patients have complaints
  • healthcare any time, any place, anywhere
  • more clarity about your own illness and the relationship between symptoms, fitness and lifestyle
  • more data available to the doctor, so therapy can be adjusted more accurately.

Healthcare practitioner

Good for the healthcare practitioner:

  • much more data available from patients
  • able to provide healthcare any time, any place, anywhere
  • more effective consultations

Health insurer

Good for health insurers:

  • no unnecessary urgent admissions to an acute cardiac care unit
  • no unnecessary consultations
  • scalable concept, suitable for use by other healthcare practitioners