Updates n.a.v. Coronavirus
Hier vindt u updates en mededelingen rondom het Coronavirus en uw bezoek aan onze kliniek.

Insurance coverage

All treatment performed after referral by GP or other doctors is covered by your health insurance. We claim the cost of the treatment directly from your health insurer. There is therefore no need to worry about how much it costs.

Health insurance and referral by GP

The tests, treatment and after-care in the centres run by Cardiologie Centra Nederland are all completely covered by your health insurer. We have concluded contracts with all Dutch health insurers. To be eligible for cover, you will need a referral letter from your doctor or GP.

Statutory excess

The Dutch Healthcare Insurance Act has set the statutory excess (or deductible) for 2019 at €385. This means that, depending on the terms of your basic health insurance policy, you will have to pay the first €385 of your health expenses in 2019 yourself. It applies to all basic insurance policies and does not depend on which medical specialist you see. If the cost of your treatment (or partial cost) is the first charge for healthcare costs you incur in 2019, your health insurer will charge you for the amount of the excess. The manner in which and moment at which health insurers send this bill differ from one insurer to another. For more information about the statutory excess, we recommend that you contact your own health insurer or the Dutch government website. If it is unclear whether you have to pay the excess you incurred in 2017 in 2018, read how it works here.


You can be screened for cardiovascular diseases at any of our centres. There is no need for a referral. There is a charge for the extensive screening. However, in some cases, health insurance covers screening. We advise consulting your GP first.

The treatment will appear on the bill as DBC

The whole treatment is billed as a DBC (abbreviation for Diagnose Behandelcombinatie or Diagnosis and Treatment Combinations). A DBC comprises all healthcare activities performed by the centre and the medical specialist to establish the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. The DBC system is a statutory financing system used nationally since 2005. If several courses of treatment or long-term check-ups take place, several DBCs may be charged. A separate price has been agreed with the insurers for each DBC.

More information

For information about the health care system, prices and other financial matters, please contact the Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit, NZA, through or the information line 0900-7707070 (€0.05 p/m) or click here.

If you have any questions about your charges or invoice, please contact the Cardiologie Centra Nederland planning and control office from Monday to Friday (from 8.30am to 5pm) on +31 303 070 330 or email

About Charges

If you are not insured (or not insured in the Netherlands), we apply our rate for patients without the appropriate insurance cover. This ‘non-covered’ rate is the total price of the treatment and comprises all our expenses and the specialist’s fee. These rates may differ from prices for the same treatment agreed with health insurers. National or internal developments may lead to rates for patients without the appropriate insurance cover being altered.

Rates 2017

Rates 2018

Rates 2019

Further questions?

If you have questions about the cost of a particular treatment, please contact the planning and control department on +31 303 070 330 or by email:

More information

Making an appointment

You can arrange to be screened for cardiovascular diseases at any of our centres. There is no need for a referral. There is a charge for the screening.