Updates n.a.v. Coronavirus
Hier vindt u updates en mededelingen rondom het Coronavirus en uw bezoek aan onze kliniek.


With its current website, Cardiologie Centra Nederland has the intention to allow any interested party to obtain information about the products and services that Cardiologie Centra Nederland provides. The terms and conditions set out below are applicable to the use of the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website and every visitor of the website is bound by these terms and conditions. The visitor of the website explicitly declares their agreement that it is their own responsibility to regularly review these terms and conditions so as to be familiar with the most recent version.

Website access
All information, whether in the form of text, files or images, as well as any other form, are only made available by Cardiologie Centra Nederland for information purposes.

Every interested person may use this information, however, Cardiologie Centra Nederland reserves the right, at any time of its choosing, without prior warning, to modify the terms and conditions for access to and use of the website, and/or to impose a restriction on the use of any part or the whole of the website.

Access to such private parts of the website may be made subject to the visitor/user of the website providing certain information. The visitor/user who provides that information, expressly declares their agreement that such information becomes the property of Cardiologie Centra Nederland and that, by virtue of providing the information to Cardiologie Centra Nederland, the latter has the visitor/user’s consent to use that information in accordance with the Cardiologie Centra Nederland privacy policy.

The provision of access to the private part of the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website, through the use of usernames and passwords, can be modified or refused by Cardiologie Centra Nederland at any time, without imposing any liability (for damages).

Liability concerning the displayed information
The entirety of information as found on the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website, in the form of texts, documents, images, databased or otherwise, is provided by Cardiologie Centra Nederland without any form of guarantee or assurance by Cardiologie Centra Nederland concerning the availability, deliverability or adaptability for commercial or private purposes.

As such, Cardiologie Centra Nederland cannot be held liable for any reason in connection with the use of the texts, documents, images or other information on this website, nor with regard to the performance.

Available links
To facilitate the user’s visit to the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website, links to third-party websites have been added.

The visitor is free to use or not use these links.

As such, any damage resulting from the use of the provided links falls outside the scope of liability of Cardiologie Centra Nederland, as it gives no guarantee whatsoever about the use of these third-party websites or the information provided on these websites.

The website user who identifies that a link on the website might be incorrect or not functional, is at all times invited to inform Cardiologie Centra Nederland accordingly.
Cardiologie Centra Nederland reserves the right, at all times, to add new links and/or to remove existing links.

Protection of intellectual property
The logo as well as the company name of Cardiologie Centra Nederland are protected by its own copyright and may not be reproduced or displayed for any reason or purpose without the permission of Cardiologie Centra Nederland.

The presence of other trading names or brand names on the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website occurs only with the explicit permission of the rights holders thereof.

Even so, Cardiologie Centra Nederland accepts no liability whatsoever for the presence of information on its website that may infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Parties who believe their intellectual property rights are being or have been infringed through unauthorised use of their work on the Cardiologie Centra Nederland website, are kindly requested to notify Cardiologie Centra Nederland thereof as soon as possible, so that Cardiologie Centra Nederland can then do all that is necessary to, at least temporarily, remove the infringing material from the website.

More information about this disclaimer can be obtained by e-mailing to: info@cardiologiecentra.nl