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All staff members of Cardiologie Centra Nederland (CCN) are committed to treating and helping patients as well as possible during their visit. Nonetheless, a patient may have a negative experience or feel that the treatment or organisation does not match their expectations.

CCN is receptive to questions and comments from patients and will use them to maintain the quality of its care provision at a high level.

Who can make a complaint?

Patients and referrers can complain about the treatment, care and/or organization of CCN. If you are not a patient, you may only submit a complaint on behalf of a patient. That patient must have given you written consent for this in advance. If a patient has died, the immediate surviving relatives of that patient may submit a complaint. Are you a referrer and do you have a complaint? Send your complaint by email to rvb@cardiologiecentra.nl. Are you a patient and do you have a complaint? Then follow the complaints procedure as described below.

The simplest solution

In most cases, the quickest solution is reached by discussing your question or complaint directly with the person who, in your opinion, caused the complaint or is responsible for it. A solution can then be sought during your outpatient appointment. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution for you, you can then of course make use of one of the other channels described below.


If you (as the patient) cannot arrive at a satisfactory outcome with your healthcare provider, mediation may offer a solution. The aim of the complaints procedure is to restore the relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. Mediation can help to do this in most cases. There are three complaints officers working at CCN who are able to mediate in the event of complaints but can also provide information about the complaints settlement procedure or answer your questions. They are also able to assist you in formulating your written complaint.

Complaints procedure

If mediation also fails to achieve the desired outcome, the complaints officer will, with your permission, submit your complaint to the independent complaints committee. They will deal with the complaint in accordance with the procedure described in the Complaints Regulations.

Complaints committee
Chair (external): Ms. I.E.M. Verheijen, Lawyer
Member (external): Mr. H.W. van der Neut, MD, General Practitioner
Member (internal)*: Mr. H. Hauer, MD PhD, Cardiologist CC Amsterdam
Member (internal)*: Ms. K. Miedema, MD, Cardiologist CC IJmuiden
*Depending on the Center to which the complaint relates, one of the two internal members will take a seat on the committee. The committee is always made up of an odd number of members.
Complaints officers
Dhr. F. Rasing, Finance Officer CCN (financial complaints)
Mw. R. Moens, Center Coordinator CC AMC
Mw. E.J.S. Kropveld, Center Coordinator CC Amsterdam
Secretarial department
Mw. M.E.H. Damen, Quality & Safety Advisor CCN


You can contact the complaints committee by email: klachten@cardiologiecentra.nl or by means of the form below.

If you have any questions about the complaints procedure or about how to submit a complaint, you can telephone one of the complaints officers. They can tell you how to go about it and, if required, can help you to formulate your complaint in writing.

The complaints officers can be reached by phoning the CCN operations office on +31 303 070 330.



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